Impossible Recoveries
The following case studies are examples of how we resolved these ‘complete marriage breakdowns’ even though they seemed ‘doomed, beyond repair and divorce was inevitable’ but it wasn’t.

Case Study 1: Affair
Alice’s husband had moved out and was seeing a much younger woman, he left the family home and would not listen to reason or his children in breaking up the family. Alice came to see us to recover the relationship and overcome his affair.

‘Hi, just thought I would update you on my situation. Steve is back and the relationship has improved enormously. I followed your advice and the tips that work best which were… Thank you so much for your support’. Alice

Case Study 2: Marriage Over
Ray’s wife told him the marriage was over 6 months ago and she wanted the house selling so she could move on with her life and find a much better man. Ray was distraught as he loved his wife and didn’t want to lose her but she said ‘he wasn’t a real man’ and she didn’t want to be with him anymore. I took a few months to recover the marriage when his wife said she wanted to stay together.

My marriage was over no doubt about that, I came to see you as a last resort with nothing to lose, there were many highs and lows but I could see she was mellowing and this approach was working. Out of blue she said ‘let’s give it another 12 months and make it work’. I am eternally grateful for your help and advice’. Ray

Case Study 3: Two Wives
Client had a second wife (allowed in his religion) who lived 200 miles away, he had not seen or spoke to her for 3 months nor would she speak to him due to an angry break-up. He had sent her multiple long and attacking emails and she vowed never to speak or see him again. He regretted this and wanted to win her back but everything he did she just ignored. After he came to see us, we drafted an initial text for him to send. As we know exactly what to say and how to say it, she replied after 7 days. This was very important as she was ‘adamant’ she would never speak to him again due to his various attacking emails. We drafted more texts and replies and a few days later she was engaged in regular text messaging. After 3 weeks she phoned him and wanted to talk about their relationship. After 8 weeks she agreed to meet up and they are now back together.

‘Totally amazed, I thought my marriage was over but your advice and mentoring saved it, it works!’. Mohammed

Case Study 4: Multi Millionaire and Affair
One very wealthy client had a 9 year affair and was about to lose everything, his family and half his business fortune in a divorce. He came to see us just after his wife had discovered the affair and as far as he was concerned, it was game over. We told him his case would take longer and had to be done in two stages, firstly to stop the divorce from progressing and stay in the relationship and then to recover the marriage. We created a scenario where his wife found it impossible to divorce him and it would be much better to take some time to give him a chance to prove himself. After that we started on phase 2 which was to recover the marriage which took time and careful management but we recovered the marriage and they are happy together with the past behind them.

‘You helped me through a very difficult time his advice and mentoring were invaluable and he saved me from emotional and financial disaster’. Graham

Case Study 5: Mid Life Crisis and Finances
Clients husband was seeing a much younger woman part of his mid-life crisis, they had 3 children, a business, 2 houses and no time for each other yet the husband didn’t want a divorce for ‘financial reasons’. This lead to a lot of hostility and anger, our client felt betrayed and angry but at the same time felt she was also to blame for a brief fling with a friend, their relationship was one of ‘tit for tat’ exchanges and becoming toxic. Each party wanted to resolve their differences but none would back down or knew how, Victoria came to see us.

‘After months of arguing and getting nowhere I came to see Stop Divorce, who were understanding and could empathise with me totally, I listened to the plan and it seemed to make sense, within 6 weeks my partner agreed he wanted to stay together and things have been brilliant since. If you are worried about your relationship go and see Stop Divorce, they’re amazing’. Victoria

Case Study 6: Wife Having Affair
Clients marriage had broken down 8 months ago, separate bedrooms, separate lives and his wife was having an affair with a work colleague, he had tried to sort his marriage problems out but his wife was ‘happy with how things were’ and wasn’t willing to go counselling or guidance as she said it was ‘pointless’. After he came to see us he then knew how to resolve this situation which started with a simple text message. She had an immediate change of heart and ended the affair to recover the marriage. This was resolved in just 2 weeks.

‘I didn’t know what to do, I was afraid of losing my wife if I pressed her too hard but couldn’t live with how things were, this new approach and techniques worked instantly, I mean straight away, I was shocked I was able to focus her mind so quickly as everything I tried before didn’t work and we are both a lot happier now, thank you’. Chris

Neither counselling or marriage guidance would have worked in any case study but our techniques worked and they worked quickly…