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It’s now easier than ever to get a divorce, so if your relationship has hit a rocky patch, heading for divorce or completely broken down then you need to act fast to save the relationship, I can help you to recover your relationship using my proven techniques which can be tailored to almost any circumstances.

The great news is I only need to see you (not both of you) as this ‘Recovery Plan’ works without your partner’s acceptance, co-operation or knowledge, in fact they never need to know you had my expert help. 

My unique service is in high demand as I’m the only Relationship Recovery Expert who has a ‘proven, practical and easy to implement approach’ to help recover your broken relationship and save your marriage, I can guide you on exactly ‘what to do and say’ at the time when you need it most on a personal 1 to 1 basis, with an initial telephone consultation to see if I can help, if I can, then arrange a face to face meeting and 7 days a week support through telephone, text and email.

No one really knows how long they have left to save their relationship but one thing is guaranteed, the clock is ticking!

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Free Consultation
I offer a free consultation over the phone to assess if I can help in your case, please complete the enquiry form and I will call you back to discuss.

I’m your personal ‘Relationship Recovery Coach’ who has a proven method to help recover your broken marriage and/or relationship.

It’s very simple, I’m here to manage your recovery every step of the way, so you avoid all the costly mistakes.

There is a lot of ‘conflicting advice’ about relationship recovery, some advise is ‘play it cool and they will come running‘ or ‘show them how much you love them to win them back‘ so people get confused and end up doing the wrong thing and making matters worse. That’s why you need me, I can give you expert advice that works, one on one, 7 days a week.

I’m available 7 days a week, from 9am to 10pm and can manage your relationship recovery for you, step by step, text by text, what to do, what to say and what not to do! It’s a unique service and very effective.

I have saved many relationships that seemed beyond repair so don’t give up hope!  The only thing that matters is what you do and say hence why you need expert guidance, proven techniques and a structured Recovery Plan.  Most people make the same mistakes when trying to save their relationship, get expert help now, before it’s too late.

You have been brilliant, I owe you so much, thank you‘. Julie

The sooner you get me involved the better it is for you as I can protect you from all the usual costly mistakes one makes when they are trying to save their relationship. At the moment your partner has the upper hand but I can change that so you will be a lot better off financially and emotionally. I have literally saved clients thousand to millions of pounds by using my techniques to help prevent a total breakdown then build the Recovery, I can help you emotionally  and financially to get back on track and to regain the power you have lost due to being the victim (or cause) of the relationship breakdown.

‘I wanted to thank you, you were the one that advised me and saved me £98,000, your advice helped a lot, I’m mentally much stronger now’. Sheila

I have worked for clients from CEO’s of large organisations, Doctors, Solicitors, Bankers, Police, Teachers, Service Personnel, Traffic Wardens and Cleaners but the emotional and financial devastation is equally the same. The goal is Relationship Recovery and everything else is leverage to achieve that goal.

When your relationship has broken down and heading for divorce most people  assume there is little they can do to recover it, but that isn’t true. Marriage guidance or counseling doesn’t work and generally makes things much worse but this ‘unique recovery plan and techniques’ do work and I can help you get your relationship back on track and avoid disaster.

Your partner won’t change their mind by saying ‘please come back‘, Recovery is a structured process that needs time to play out and is carefully crafted.

A recent study found most people experienced ‘second thoughts’ after their divorce but by then it’s too late, this proven plan and psychology forces your partner to ‘think-again’ BEFORE it’s too late. If I don’t think I can help to recover your marriage I will tell you straight away.

You have already lost if your partner wants to break up, so you have everything to lose by doing nothing. When your partner says ‘it’s over’ and they want to separate or get a divorce most people ‘react very badly and do the wrong things’ which always makes matters worse and only enforces their desire to break-up.

Heard It All Before
I’ve also heard all the reasons before, ‘I don’t love you’, ‘I’ve met someone else’, ‘you need to move out’, ‘this relationship is dead’ etc’ but I also know these statements are only to be taken on ‘face value’ when using this recovery process, so it doesn’t matter what your partner has said, it only matters what you ‘do & say’ going forward to have any chance of recovering your relationship.

You have already lost it’s over, so there is nothing to lose by implementing this plan and approach to help recover your relationship. You can either carry on feeling helpless or you can get my help?

But in order to recover your relationship you will need expert help and a step by step guide to ensure you have the right approach and ‘do and say the right things’ that can help save your relationship. These powerful techniques worked for me and they can work for you also.

Relationship Recovery Coach
Since then, I’ve been coaching people how to recover their marriages for over 8 years, and one thing I know is, ‘partners change their minds all the time about breaking up’ when given the right approach as ‘relationship recovery needs to be structured process on multiple fronts’.

Text Support Recovery
It may be possible to recover your relationship with just my text support, it all depends on how the relationship is now and the level of breakdown, I can let you know if this is an option?

Personal Meeting
I am based in Manchester but you only need to see me once for the initial meeting and briefing which takes 2 to 3 hours, everything else can be done by text, phone or email, I may be able to travel to meet you or meet half way. I have saved my clients thousands to millions of pounds by avoiding costly mistakes one usually makes, which more than covers my one-off fee, I can help you get your power and control back in what was a helpless situation before I get involved.

Over the last 8 years I have recovered some completely ‘lost marriages’ which seemed like they were beyond repair but one never really knows until they try, experience teaches me that even the most difficult cases can be recovered, so never say never.

Remember, no one I have ever worked with has ever thought their relationship could be saved but it was, so please don’t assume your situation is any different, although recovery cannot be guaranteed this proven strategy has worked for myself and lots of people and I have recovered some ‘completely lost’ marriages due to: ‘affairs, falling out of love, boredom or routine, poor communication, infidelity or trust issues, finances, family matters and many other issues usually in just one to six months for most ordinary break-downs or a bit longer if there are any major obstacles to overcome.

I can help you get your marriage back on track to help ‘prevent a divorce’ or to ‘recover it’ when your partner wants a divorce but you don’t.

Impossible Recoveries
The following case studies are examples of how I resolved these ‘complete marriage breakdowns’ even though they seemed ‘doomed, beyond repair and divorce was inevitable’ but it wasn’t.

Case Study 1: Affair
Alice’s husband had moved out and was seeing a much younger woman, he left the family home and would not listen to reason or his children in breaking up the family. Alice came to see me to recover the relationship and overcome his affair.

‘Hi Tony, just thought I would update you on my situation. Steve is back and the relationship has improved enormously. I followed your advice and the tips that work best which were… Thank you so much for your support’. Alice

Case Study 2: Marriage Over
Ray’s wife told him the marriage was over 6 months ago and she wanted the house selling so she could move on with her life and find a much better man. Ray was distraught as he loved his wife and didn’t want to lose her but she said ‘he wasn’t a real man’ and she didn’t want to be with him anymore. I took a few months to recover the marriage when his wife said she wanted to stay together.

‘My marriage was over no doubt about that, I came to see Tony as a last resort with nothing to lose, there were many highs and lows but I could see she was mellowing and this approach was working. Out of blue she said ‘let’s give it another 12 months and make it work’. I am eternally grateful for your help and advice’. Ray

Case Study 3: Two Wives
Client had a second wife (allowed in his religion) who lived 200 miles away, he had not seen or spoke to her for 3 months nor would she speak to him due to an angry break-up. He had sent her multiple long and attacking emails and she vowed never to speak or see him again. He regretted this and wanted to win her back but everything he did she just ignored. After he came to see me, I drafted an initial text for him to send. As I know exactly what to say and how to say it, she replied after 7 days. This was very important as she was ‘adamant’ she would never speak to him again due to his various attacking emails. I drafted more texts and replies and a few days later she was engaged in regular text messaging. After 3 weeks she phoned him and wanted to talk about their relationship. After 8 weeks she agreed to meet up and they are now back together.

‘Totally amazed, I thought my marriage was over but your advice and mentoring saved it, it works!’. Mohammed

Case Study 4: Multi Millionaire and Affair
One very wealthy client had a 7 year affair and was about to lose everything, his family and half his business fortune in a divorce. He came to see me just after his wife had discovered the affair and as far as he was concerned, it was game over. I told him his case would take longer and had to be done in two stages, firstly to stop the divorce from progressing and stay in the relationship and then to recover the marriage. I created a scenario where his wife found it impossible to divorce him and it would be much better to take some time to give him a chance to prove himself. After that we started on phase 2 which was to recover the marriage which took time and careful management but I recovered the marriage and they are happy together with the past behind them.

‘Tony helped me through a very difficult time his advice and mentoring were invaluable and he saved me from emotional and financial disaster’. Michael

Case Study 5: Mid Life Crisis and Finances
Clients husband was seeing a much younger woman part of his mid-life crisis, they had 3 children, a business, 2 houses and no time for each other yet the husband didn’t want a divorce for ‘financial reasons’. This lead to a lot of hostility and anger, my client felt betrayed and angry but at the same time felt she was also to blame for a brief fling with a friend, their relationship was one of ‘tit for tat’ exchanges and becoming toxic. Each party wanted to resolve their differences but none would back down or knew how, Victoria came to see me.

‘After months of arguing and getting nowhere I came to see Tony, he was understanding and could empathise with me totally, I listened to his plan and it seemed to make sense, within 6 weeks my partner agreed he wanted to stay together and things have been brilliant since. If you are worried about your relationship go and see Tony, he’s amazing’. Victoria

Case Study 6: Wife Having Affair
Clients marriage had broken down 8 months ago, separate bedrooms, separate lives and his wife was having an affair with a work colleague, he had tried to sort his marriage problems out but his wife was ‘happy with how things were’ and wasn’t willing to go counselling or guidance as she said it was ‘pointless’. After he came to see me he then knew how to resolve this situation which started with a simple text message. She had an immediate change of heart and ended the affair to recover the marriage. This was resolved in just 2 weeks.

‘I didn’t know what to do, I was afraid of losing my wife if I pressed her too hard but couldn’t live with how things were, this new approach and techniques worked instantly, I mean straight away, I was shocked I was able to focus her mind so quickly as everything I tried before didn’t work and we are both a lot happier now, thank you’. Chris

Neither counseling nor marriage guidance would have worked in any case study but my techniques worked and they worked quickly.

Expert Advice
Dealing with a relationship break-down is probably ‘the most stressful time of your life’ and there is no one you can turn to who can give you ‘expert advice’, except me. I am available 7 days a week and know exactly how to recover broken relationships by using a ‘blue-print’ for relationship recovery. I can guide you on ‘what to do, how to do it, what to say and when to say it’ at a time when you need it most so you can use the exact same recovery model to help ‘save your marriage’.

The beauty of my approach is it can be ‘tailored to any situation’ and your partner won’t even know you are using professional help as it all seems perfectly natural and normal.

Marriage Guidance Doesn’t Work
Marriage guidance and counseling doesn’t work due to bad guidance and in most cases only makes matters much worse as each other’s faults are over analysed and debated while driving a wedge between once loving couples. My advice to any couple is, don’t! This kind of ‘therapy’ causes rather than averts divorce. In most cases your partner won’t attend guidance or counseling anyway, please watch the video which explains how counseling works and see if you think it would really help you?

The truth is most marriage guidance counselors are poorly trained and are usually single or divorced themselves, they do NO follow-up on their advice and have NO idea what impact it has on their client’s relationship as most couples simply ‘stop going’.

My plan works because I have found a way to make it easier for your partner to reconsider when given the right ‘stimulus’.

There are four stages to any relationship breakdown and recovery:

  1. The Build-Up: Arguments, tension, spending time apart, not feeling happy etc
  2. The Show-Down: Tensions come to a head – heated argument – frustrations vented
  3. The Separation: Separate beds, even houses, not talking, little communication
  4. The Recovery: Trying to rebuild the relationship but don’t know how or they resist

It doesn’t matter which stage you are at and it may seem impossible but you may still be able win your partner back and stop your divorce, if you follow my advice. After all, what you’re doing now isn’t working so what do you have to lose? The answer is ‘everything’ if you do nothing!

I Can Help – Unique Proven Recovery Plan
I will share with you what worked for myself and lots of other people including ‘what to do and say, how to do it and when to do it’ and what NOT to do. Winning your partner back is much easier when you know how, the time to act is now if you want to save your marriage and the person you love.

You can use these same proven and simple steps and implement them in your relationship right now without confrontation to help save your marriage including:

  • How to stop all the arguments and bad feelings
  • How to stop your partner mentally & emotionally from ‘moving away’ from you
  • How to create leverage both emotional and financial
  • How to create a new outcome that you will both want
  • What to say and when to say it and when to do ‘nothing’
  • How to deal with any bad behavior and unreasonable demands
  • How to defuse the situation and focus on what really matters
  • How to remove the negative feelings and emotions so the positive ones can flourish
  • How to create a scenario that your partner will be drawn towards
  • By following my plan and time-table the situation will start to reverse and turn in your favour

The one fundamental Secret to help save you.

I can manage your text and emails for maximum impact and no resistance.

Help, Advise and Understanding from someone who knows what you’re going through and knows how to change it.

If you want to save your marriage – Do not send your partner another email, text or Facebook message until you have talked to me.

Unique Personal Recovery Plan – Support 7 Days a Week
I work with you on a personal level at an initial briefing which usually takes 2 to 3 hours to fully understand your position and those involved. I will then take you through ‘my plan and time-table’ that will ‘start the process of you winning instead of losing with little or no resistance from your partner’.

One simple technique will free you from the pressure of feeling ‘rejected, undervalued and feeling like a victim’ so you can begin to flourish with your new found confidence and strategy.

This plan not only deals with removing the problems that have caused the break-up but also helps in winning your partner back. I’ll also show you how to prepare and use your assets to the best of their effect.

Your partner doesn’t have a plan or a coach to guide them hence you will be better prepared and now in control. Don’t forget, most people don’t know what to ‘do’ or ‘say’ when trying to recover a relationship but I do, I am an expert in this area.

Proven Communications – Stop All Hostility & Start Recovery
I can also provide personal support via phone, text and email to draft and manage your ongoing communications because I know ‘what to do and say and when to do it and when to do nothing’ to get the best out of bad situation. Don’t forget I’m an expert in this and know exactly what to say & do.

I will draft your response text, emails etc so they are powerful for you and with no resistance from your partner. You can ring/text me to discuss what to do and when to do it 7 days a week. This exclusive personal service adds to the overall strategy and provides expert help when you need it most.

These techniques work instantly and will stop all the arguments and confrontations so you feel better with more control, focus and power.

Emotionally & Financially Better Off 
As well as the emotional distress, UK couples spend an average of £44,000 when they divorce or separate, I can protect you from all the costly emotional and financial mistakes people make when trying to recover their relationship on their own, I always save my clients from both emotional and financial devastation, so my fees are very reasonable, don’t you owe it to yourself and your partner to do all you can to save your relationship?

Quick Summary:

  • Unique Plan to Save Your Marriage Without Your Partners Cooperation!
  • Unlimited Text, Telephone & Email Support – Personal Support 7 Days a Week
  • Expert Advice and Guidance When You Need It Most
  • Avoid Costly Mistakes Both Emotionally & Financially
  • Proven Plan to Rebuild Broken Relationships & Get Your Partner Back
  • Stop All Negative & Damaging Communications & Exchanges
  • Easy to Implement Relationship Recovery Strategy
  • Step by Step Guidance – ‘What to Do, What to Say, When to Say It & When to Do Nothing’ to Avoid Costly Mistakes
  • Personal Meeting Briefing & Training.

Coaching Support:

  • £995.00 – Full 12 Month Support: Initial briefing, personal training + unlimited 12 months phone, text & email support
  • £495.00 + £295.00 per month Support:  Initial briefing, personal training + one month’s phone, text & email support

This Recovery Plan has worked for me and many other people, your relationship is worth one last chance at Recovery with Expert Guidance and a Proven Recovery Plan. 

Divorce is very messy, unpleasant and very expensive so choose wisely and get help call or text Tony on 07799 331 332

-104Days -6Hours -17Minutes -54Seconds
  • The best money I have ever spent!
  • Tony’s advice is 1st class, he is a massive help…
  • Your advice is a life saver, it worked almost instantly…
  • I am very please with the results so far, it seems to be working…
  • Tony’s support is excellent, he is always available…
  • You have saved my marriage and my life…
  • and many more…

I Can Help Save Your Relationship...